Struggling to get answers - anyone else any thoughts on lower click throughs / account flags?

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Hi there, everyone.

I run a creative site, and have noticed that my traffic from Pinterest has been steadily dropping off a cliff over the last few years. From 100-200 users a da compared to 300 - 400 users a day.

We don't use third party software now (used to use Tailwind), and are pinning fresh new pins, and content every single day to over 530k followers. We have tried various Pinterest experts, and they are all stumped too.

Impressions on our account range from 600 to 3000k on our pins. Click throughs are really low, and it is typically our older pins that are driving traffic, despite what Pinterest say about new content. We are being advised to use Story Pins, but Pinterest is largely a traffic driver for us, and story pins have no click throughs. We have also heard other creators say that having them means that they get seen more in the feed to the detriment of traffic driving pins, so we are currently not sure the strategy would work for us.

We are trying to understand Pinterests thoughts on:

  • Falling clicks for our account (we realise Pinterest ebbs and flows, but we are taking into account seasonality in our analysis),
  • Low impressions for pins compared to our follower numbers,
  • Story pins presence in feeds resulting in less click throughs for content generally for creators, and finally
  • Checking if there are any flags on our account (specifically for our Covid time capsule worksheets, but also generally).
I would be grateful if someone would take a look at this in more detail rather than giving us a stock answer which is what we are getting from the help desk - eventually after a considerable period of no replies.
There are a number of creators feeling the same about clicks to site from Pinterest, even though they are following the new rules around fresh pins, content, and saving pins. We realise that Pinterest want people to stay on platform, but Pinterest is a community based around creators, and their content. There is a danger that creators will start to leave if we feel that the time that we put in isn't resulting in clicks to site, alongside people trying out / using our resources through the platform.
Thanks again for your time, we appreciate it.
It'd be amazing to get other creators thoughts on this too - as I am sure it can't just be our account experiencing this.
Kind Regards,
Helen Neale
Editor and owner, KiddyCharts
Helen Neale
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Hi Helen,

This is a general issue on the platform. Our days of free traffic is officially over. Pinterest has gone public and they're focusing on making more money for their shareholders.

No amount of fresh content from creators is going to make any difference. It's a play to win game at the moment. See if you can invest in paid aids to keep your business afloat. Don't give up! Stay strong! We'll survive this!


Jennifer Dagi
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