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STORY PINS no link in the US

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Hi everyone,

Pinterest is a large part of my food blog traffic, and I adore it. I've made only a few Story Pins, love the look of them, and they get many impressions quickly.

However, LINKING is not available in the US!?! I know my friends in the UK can link to the source. This is a huge dis-incentive to creating them. As content creators, it's our work that fills pinterest, and to not be able to drive traffic to our sites is absurd. 

I did some research and found this from TechCrunch:

"Though Pinterest had tested its Story Pins feature in 2019 in markets like the U.K., Germany and elsewhere, the new version being trialed in closed U.S. beta has seen some changes. The current version now offers a native experience where all the content will live within the Story Pin itself instead of linking off-platform. This is in response to early feedback from Pinners who said they didn’t want to have to leave the Pinterest app to complete a project."

While I appreciate the popularity of story pins to send more users my way generally, removing the link is a punch in the gut to the content creators. Pinners are prioritized over we who fill pinterest's pages. We are the ones creating these stories with little reward. 

I hope Pinterest changes this. 

Meaghan ( 

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Loves to help

@decoratedcookie I keep saying we need links 😋

So the reason why some people have links and others don't is that the ones with links are a different version of story pins before our version. Pinterest wants to keep them on the app and have the people be able to do the whole DIY or Recipe or whatever without another click.

Did I explain that right? @PinterestGabby 


However - I do agree with you it is not very useful to content creators. That's why I barely use them 🙂 

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Community Manager

Hi @decoratedcookie, welcome to the community! Love hearing that you've found success with your food blog on Pinterest and with Story Pins! You'll come to find that there's quite a few food bloggers already in the community -- @foodiehomechef@MomFoodie and @owlbbaking just to name a few! If you haven't already, head on over to our intro thread to say hi to the other members of the Business Community. 

Thanks for jumping in, @allaboutbabyblog, you're pretty spot on. 😉

Currently, we do not support external website links within Story Pins. Story Pins are designed to help you tell your full story on Pinterest, with multiple pages of video, images, and text in a single Pin. We designed this format to give creators everything you need to bring an idea to life entirely on the Pinterest platform without the need for external links. The Story Pins format translates into better engagement and growth from your on-platform audience. 

Check out our best practices article for more info and resources about Story Pins, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We're all here to help! 

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