Should I stop pinning?

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Hello, I am in terrible pain. I am trying to decide whether or not I should keep pinning. I have been trying to build my Pinterest account in order to get organic traffic for my Shopify store in the Home Decor niche.

I started pinning daily 2 months ago and I am pinning 5-7 fresh pins per day. I have pinned 174 fresh pins and 15 repins.

My results are dismal! I have 0 followers and get 0 engagements, 0 saves and 0 clicks per pin. I am getting only 240-500 impressions per day. Worse, my daily impression count isn't increasing in proportion to the increase in my total pin count!

06/01/21, 85, 346
06/03/21, 95, 795
06/04/21, 100, 521
06/14/21, 167, 330
06/15/21, 174, 248

The YouTube videos I am seeing make it sound as if pinning fewer than 20 fresh pins per day will result in an account that the Pinterest algorithm does not take seriously and overall the account will get very few daily impressions.
Is this true?

I have also heard since 2020, for the first 6-8 months, a new Pinterest account will barely get daily impressions on the account overall. After 6-8 months of daily posting and following the Pinterest best practices, the account will suddenly "come to life with" a giant increase *from then on* in the daily impressions.

Is this true that my results will probably be dismal for the first 6-8 months but then my pins will suddenly come to life?

I am spending hours and hours making these pins each week yet getting 0 clicks. I am fretting whether this is a dead end for getting organic traffic to my store.

If this is just a stage I have to go through for another 5-6 months until my pins suddenly come to life then I am glad to keep making pins. But if it is probably always going to be like this then there is no point in making another pin for this store.

I am sorry this was such a long question. I hope you can help me!
Thank you so much!

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Just popping in to say that we feel this pain! My suggestion, keep at it a little while longer. Your products are beautiful and your Pins have a great aesthetic. Keep at it, I think you'll see more traffic coming your way. Followed!

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I appreciate the support.  You really uplifted me!  I visited your website and will surely remember you if ever I or anyone I know needs a portable power station.  Thank you so much!

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Hi @energyaesthetic , I can understand how you feel. Just continue to keep the flag flying. Its not easy creating original pins and your work is great. Have you tried using the Idea Pin, its very similar to Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories or YouTube Stories. It kind of works. Cheers and remember to always look up!

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I’d like to know who the people are that are opening new accounts with zero impressions and then after 6 to 8 months seeing a giant increase in traffic. I’ve been pending for 12 months and it’s been a steady decline going from mediocre to worse. If I pin more than a few a day it’s like they get caught in a bottle neck. I have learned that more than 2-3 uploads of my videos receive zero activity. It’s quite depressing and I have reached no solution. I am tired of being told followers ebb and flow, seasonal changes etc.

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