QUESTION: How Long are Pinned Videos Allowed to Be?

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Quick question:  How long can a pinned video be?  I tried to upload a video as long as 7 minutes, and it would not upload.  But I have uploaded a video at just over 3 minutes, and it did upload.

Does anyone know the time cutoff?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @TheAkennArt ! It should let you upload up to 15 minutes. Hmm. Maybe you can put in a ticket and see what's going on. 

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Length is not the limiting factor but size. You can upload videos from 4 seconds to 15 minutes, but the file size limit is 2MG. Depending on the content, a 7 minute video could exceed that size. There are ways to reduce video file sizes.

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@angellawery and @abetterresume both correct! @TheAkennArt you can take a look at our video specs listed here. If you're getting any kind of error message or running into continued issues with uploading, I'd recommend filing a ticket with our support team so they can investigate. 👍

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