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Hello creators (: 

Here is one thing I wanted to share with you. Every time I go to Pinterest with a little more time on my hands, not just to work but to get down the rabbit hole and truly browse through the content, I discover something new. Couple weeks ago, it was "Pinterest Today". I had no Idea about this feature, and now it is one of my very favorite pages I go to whenever I am too busy to browse but want to stay updated and get a little bit of inspiration from different creative corners.

Just wanted to share the Pinterest Today link with those of you not aware of this page.

Do you know of a feature or another secret rabbit hole on Pinterest that you keep returning to and want to share it? Please, do. Leave the link below for everyone else to check it out. Thanks!



Zoui of XZOUIX

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 22.01.13.png




-Zoui of XZOUIX
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