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Monetization for Creators

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Hello Pinterest Creators! My name is Alex, and I run a Pinterest Advertising firm called KingPin Services. We’re the only agency that focuses exclusively on Promoted Pins. 

My question to you awesome creators: how can my clients partner with you to review, unbox and tag their shoppable products on Idea Pins? We're interested in turning your Idea Pins into Idea Ads and boost your popularity. We’d love to provide sponsorship and help you monetize.

We handle amazing brands that cover a wide range of industries: fashion, cosmetics, food, baby products, bridal gowns, and more. 

I was inspired by the latest Pinterest Creators Festival.  With the creator hub, Creator Rewards and paid partnership tools, it's evident that you're the future of Pinterest!

Influencer marketing agencies are not promoting on Pinterest. They're missing out, and so are you. 

Would it make sense to launch a Pinterest Influencer Agency to complement my Pinterest Advertising Agency?

I'd love to start with a repertoire of creators who are interested in paid partnerships.

You can reach out to or comment here. 


- Alex


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Hello @PinterestJazmin, I'd love to hear your opinion on this. How can I best connect with Creators so that they may promote products from my clients? Thanks.

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