Is your traffic the same as before or is it dropping?

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My website traffic has decreased day by day and is no longer doing business, no response from support, or they send automatic mail when they return, seasonal drop, create opinion pins etc. as. They won't give free traffic anymore, that's what it seems. They should have made an explanation for this and they didn't, it was a total disappointment. If you are in the same situation, I recommend you to turn to other platforms.

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I have experienced the same drop in traffic fromTikTok and Instagram.  All the platforms want is for you to pay to promote. I finally gave in and paid to promote a video on  TikTok and gained a ton of views and followers. As soon as the promo ended (in fact they charged me for three day promotion but ended it after 2 1/2  days) the views and follower increase turned off like a  spigot. Such a shame it’s all business and not fun anymore. I am on Pinterest for fun not business so I will not pay. I tried it once on TikTok to see what it was all about. But everywhere I turn on the platforms I see  “promote a video- promote a picture and promote a pin.”  I was excited when I was approaching 1 million monthly views very recently. And then suddenly my views started dropping dramatically even though nothing else has changed.

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I experience it too, I feel since the home page is filled with only idea pins so the normal pins that you pin to pinterest don't get any impressions. It is all about IDEA PINS now.

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