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Is There Something I'm Doing Wrong?

New member

Several years ago, most of my pins were repinned soon after posting, now only repins seem to be repinned. I try to pin content from other sites, in addition to my own but I'm wondering does the algorithm that serves up pins penalise members or even shadow ban them indefinitely if they excessively pinned their own content in the past. Here's one board for instance. Lots of views on pins, but very few repinned. Maybe I'm doing something wrong technically?:

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Loves to help

1. What worked several years ago no longer works today. 

2. There are Pinterest's best practices when it comes to repinning. First you should not repin from Pinterest. You must use a scheduling tool. 

3. Pinning from other sources has zero value. That worked many years ago but no longer today. 


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