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I have been a Pinterest creator for two years now and I have always loved to pin my articles from my site on pinterest and I have been doing so for two years and have around 95000 followers.

My website's SSL certificate was expired and I have been trying to resolve it with my hosting providers. During this time my readers couldn't access my site as it would give an error saying not a secure website. I did resolve the issue now and got a new SSL certificate but when i came back to pinterest. Pinterest already marked my site as a spam site and blocked my site. There was nothing spammy on my website, my SSL certificate just got expired so anyone who visited my website got an error message.

I tried to contact pinterest support via the help form. After 24 hours, I din't receive any email or help instead I just got an email that my account is now suspended.

Could someone please help me. The support team is not of any help.

Pinterest username - littleshinepage

Contact -

@PinterestLucy @PinterestAya @PinterestGabby @PinterestSusana 

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