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Follow Button on Stories

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Today in the Mobile App I saw the Creator Carousel at the top! It looks really great! A couple of questions:

  1. Does our Avatar automatically appear first because we are logged in? 
  2. The other creators I saw featured in the carousel have a really awesome big and bold FOLLOW BUTTON on the last page of their featured story which makes it really easy to follow the person. Will this only be the case on the carousel? or will this button also appear in Stories? Because right now it's not intuitive how to follow people after their story ends when seen in the smart feed.
  3. I didn't see a Follow Button after my story that was featured in the carousel, but is that because you can't "Follow Yourself"  🙂 which makes sense, but just wanted to double-check! Thx!! 
Beth Le Manach
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @EntWithBeth! Happy to hear you're a fan of the new Creator carousel!  

Regarding the follow button, that update is independent to the carousel experience, so you should see it for Story Pins across all of Pinterest, not just those in the creator carousel. Pinterest is always testing new products and features to improve the experience of our Pinners and creators. Since launching Story Pins, we've been inspired by the creativity of our community and we will continue to test new ways to surface the best of our platform to users so that they can more easily discover content that inspires them to create a life they love. 

Also, be sure to join our Office Hours this week with Jeana -- we'll be doing a feedback session on carousel so that'd be a great time to share any other questions you have about this feature. ❤️

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