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I started a new acc on pinterest for my blog. How can i get exposure to my acc & the content i create? I am using keywords, yes, but no progress has been made whatsoever. What can i do to introduce my content to my ideal audience on pinterest? 

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@kamaski_food Hi there.

I just read your post there are a couple of things you could do to help increase exposure.

Use Pinterest Ads if you are able too - I use them and find that they are very effective especially when I have a new Blog Post.

Consider creating more video content, video is really popular right now and it can help with views and traffic especially if your content is around food.

Hope this helps you.


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Certainly if you'd like to showcase Pinterest as one of your main platforms on your website, you could find a Pinterest plugin to encourage follows from anyone visiting your blog. I've recently done this with my website. So visitors see, rather than only the typical social media icons, a list of recent pins or your favorite boards, etc. It's all about creating the hierarchy - guiding your audience to where you'd like them to go.

I also comment on others' pins now and then. It seems to be a rare occurrence on the platform, so it seems to stand out and create connection with folks, helps inspire them to look at your content in return, etc. I've made some friends this way too 🙂  

Hope this helps a bit!

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I think that’s a video  platform is where it’s at

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