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Etsy Shop Validation for Product Pins

New member

I am trying to create pins from my Etsy shop that will have the "shop" bubble on it because I want my pins to appear for people who are specifically searching on Pinterest to shop. I just recently learned that this is called a "product pin" and that in order to get my pins to be product pins I need to validate my shop's URL. I tried validating the URL of my shop, and it doesn't work. But I can validate the URL for an individual product. Pinterest says that my URL is validated, but my pin is still not a product pin. Am I missing something? Does it take a day to two for the pin to convert to a product pin? 

Any help is appreciated! 

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Loves to help

1. How do you mean by "SHOP" bubble? If you are referring to the SHOP tab that is part of the VERIFIED MERCHANT PROGRAM and it only works for those who have their own website, but not for Etsy.

2. How do you mean validate? Are you referring to "claim your website"? If so, read this

3. I've attached an image from an Etsy seller. This what it looks like if your PRODUCT PIN is working. Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 3.22.27 PM.png

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