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DMCAs/Strikes Policy/Process Is Against Wrong Accounts (IMO)

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I want to discuss how DMCAs/Strikes are handled by Pinterest. The current policy/process penalizes accounts inappropriately (in my opinion).

I currently have one DMCA/Strike against me. As a Creator, I do try to use Pinterest like a User too. I saved a pin that turned out to be a stolen pin. I didn't know it was a stolen pin. When the copyright owner found it and reported it, the DMCA/Strike went against my account.

What SHOULD happen - is the DMCA/Strike should go against the thief who uploaded the stolen pin and added their spammy website url. 

This topic comes up in Facebook Groups at least once a month where a Creator gets a strike because they simply saved a pin that looked like good fit for their audience.

Of course, when it happens, we learn to look closer at pins before saving them, but it's an after-the-fact lesson. I do realize it takes 30 DMCAs for an account to be removed (at least that's how many it takes when I report an account stealing all my pins - which is ridiculous and another topic that needs to be addressed).

But, more importantly, DMCAs/Strikes should go against the account and url that created the stolen pin.

On top of that, there is no process for a counter-notice if all you did was accidentally save a stolen pin. The current counter-notice process only applies to the Original Copyright Holder.

There should at least be a process to get DMCAs/Strikes removed for instances such as this.


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I have repinned at least 10,000 pins and have nearly 500,000 repins attributed to my boards. I have received copyright notices and they have indicated that the pins were removed from my boards.

Pinterest does not handle copyright violations the same as Facebook. A pin is created in a single origin and a pin can repinned a thousand or even 100,000 times. Pinterest does not penalize the thousand of repinners. My notices have indicated that a pin has been removed for copyright violations but does not indicate a penalty.

You may read the full policy here. It states that the creator of the pin is responsible, not the repinners.

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