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Being Denied for Verified Merchant Account is TOP SECRET!!!!!!!!!!! RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New member

To anyone who has been denied to have a Verified Merchant Account on Pinterest, consider yourself lucky and be on your way.  Who would ever stoop so low to be treated like such crap from Pinterest.  Not me!!!! I was not approved for the Verified Merchant Account just like 100's of you that haven't been approved.  I read through the replies from the Pinterest moderators.  I guess they have that job because they are robots.  And ALL of them simply let you know that the policy department is not approving you and is NOT going to tell you why, either.  And I have seen people write three times in this community board and they have guessed on what they needed to change on their website in order to be approved, and three times they were not approved.  Who in their right mind would put up with this type of horrible treatment from Pinterest?  Not me!!!!  My website is beautiful.  My product is beautiful.  I've been in business for 12 years.  My personal credit score is over 800.  Do they not like the colors of my website? The font? The name of my business? They don't like the color of the text? They don't like the phone number on the right? Should I keep on GUESSING, Pinterest???????????????????????????????????????? Is that what you think business people do all day is guess what is wrong with their website and why they are not being approved for your verified merchant account??????  I read every single word on your Verified Merchant Account Rules.  And I meet the requirements on EVERY single rule.  Don't apologize to me for not being able to tell me the reason why you are not approving me.  Because your apology means absolutely NOTHING.  

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