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Australia and New Zealand Statically broken down

New member


I am hoping to find out statics on the users on Pinterest in New Zealand and Australia, please?

Ideally, I am hoping that there may be a report covering these countries that in in the same fashion as the recently published report -  [US] Pinterest Media Agency Advertising Guide.pdf. Apologies I could not upload the PDF as the file is too large.

In my pitch to potential clients, I would like to outline the benefits of a Pinterest marketing plan and back it up with the stats on users in my target area (NZ and Australia). The stats to be covered would be great to include age, household income, gender etc.

Any and all information is going to be very helpful.  Thank you very much in advance for your help in this matter. I am grateful for the time you can give me to find the answers.

With kind regards, Rebecca 


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