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how can i promote other companys products? need explanation on affiluation.

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Hi @rinor2609! Our guidelines for affiliates are:

  • Always follow our Paid Partnership Guidelines.
  • In general, you should operate only one Pinterest account. That account should be your authentic presence on Pinterest.
  • Affiliate content should be original and add unique value for Pinners.
  • Be transparent about the commercial nature of your content. Don't use shorteners or redirectors that make the destination domain of a link unclear or that redirect for the purpose of hiding an affiliate parameter.
  • Don't try to artificially manipulate Pinterest algorithms or Pinner traffic. Some examples of prohibited behavior include:
    • Using fake accounts to create or save your affiliate links.
    • Asking other users to save your affiliate Pins in a quid pro quo.
    • Asking other users to create Pins with links that include your affiliate identifier.
    • Creating affiliate Pins repetitively or in large volumes - marketers should follow our spam policy and use affiliate links in moderation. 

Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for being a part of our community! 

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