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What Pinners are searching for this week (w.o 11/18)

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Community Manager
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Happy Friday, PBC!

We're back with the latest Pinner trends and this week we’ve collected insights around The holidays are hereAs we're gearing up for the jolly and joyful festivities, people on Pinterest are planning for a delightful holiday 🎄. To learn more about these trends, check out the report below!

Top stats

  • 3x increase in "my christmas wishlist"
  • 6x increase in "bright christmas decor"
  • 2x increase in "family christmas party ideas"
  • 135% increase in "fancy christmas party"
  • 155% increase in "holiday gift basket ideas"
  • 160% increase in "men’s winter outfits"
  • 3x increase in "happy new year"

➡️ ➡️ To see the full trends report, go here!  ⬅️ ⬅️

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I don't have any prints that specifically celebrate the holidays. Come to think of it, I can promote the throw blankets, sweatshirts, etc. more often. Thanks.

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thank you @PinterestJoan !

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Hi - great information and honestly it couldn't come at a better time I am working on a great list for all things fitness + wellbeing and have some great content coming for New Year.

Thank for sharing - Lisa

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Nice! Thank you 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

I look forward to these each week! They really help my clients with new keywords that will help their content to get found!! Appreciate the info!!

Jen Vazquez. | Pinterest Manager, Strategist and Educator
Jen Vazquez Media |
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