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Want to hop on a trend? How to generate ideas for trends-based content...

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Happy June, Creators!  I wanted to drop you some extra inspo today... around how to IDEATE (love that word!) around trending topics on Pinterest - and how to generate idea pin ideas around them! 

If you're drawn to creating around trends, follow that calling! It's fun, and also a great strategy for increasing reach. If something is trending, that literally means more people are currently hungry for content around that topic. Lots of people are searching for it at the moment! 

So, if it’s something that fits in with your niche… something you can create content about that will be valuable to people who fit into your ideal audience… then you stand a good chance of getting seen in search by lots of people. 

But... a CAVEAT:  In my humble opinion... :)... To make that content creation time really pay off, that trend needs to be helpful for your audience – and line up with the things you're known for as a creator.

So you need to find a relevant angle if you’re going to use a trending keyword. 

And that brings me to my share today… 

Here are some content prompts you can use to help determine your angle. 
Consider doing a little brainstorming / journaling around these questions to help you IDEATE! :)))
  • What does your ideal client struggle with – when it comes to this trending search term? 
  • What tips, hacks, tricks have worked for you – around this search term? 
  • What do you think is important for your audience to know – around this search term? 
  • How have you helped past clients to improve something in their lives / businesses – regarding this? 


Here's an example. Last summer around this time, I learned that... 

☀️ Searches for “sunscreen facts” were up 115%; and 

☀️ Searches for “sun protection” were up 30%…


Here are a few ways creators in different niches could seize these opportunities: 

If you’re in the health, wellness and self-care spaces maybe you share about

  • why sunscreen is important – maybe some surprising stats? 
  • 3 ways to protect your skin and hair from the sun – during your beach workout 
  • Or... Your fave way (JUST ONE!) to protect your skin and hair from the sun – during your beach workout 
  • tips for applying sunscreen so that it lasts
  • what ingredients to look for in sunscreen – or maybe some ingredients you think people should avoid 

If you’re in the parenting space, then your angle could be content around:

  • getting kids to normalize and enjoy wearing sunscreen (know a fun game you can share?)
  • getting them to reapply when they’re busy building sandcastles (when they really don’t want to tear themselves away from their projects! … #TrueStory, right?)

If you're in fashion and beauty, maybe you want to share: 

  • how to protect your clothing from sunscreen when you’re applying it 
  • beauty tips around layering sunscreen under makeup 
  • a round up of your three favorite “big hat” styles – that act as extra sun protection! 
  • what features to look for in sunglasses - to protect those peepers! 


Obviously, the possibilities are endless... but these are just a few ideas to demonstrate this brainstorming technique. 

Happy creating! (And stay out of the sun!) 

- Jana 


Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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Ok love these tips @JanaOMedia 

Anna @mycancerchic
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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Yay, Anna! So glad, Friend! 

Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Wow @JanaOMedia , thank you for sharing this!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Absolutely! This is what works for me! 

Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thanks for putting this out there @JanaOMedia Such amazing information! 

Laura Kaminer || Confident Living
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Posts regularly

@JanaOMedia this post is amazing! Thank for sharing! 

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Loves to help

Great info! Thanks for sharing! Like you said though- “if it fits your niche” - Pinterest needs to think outside of the box on that area and not limit so much.

 When it comes to video/SM people are looking for exciting, fun etc and not necessarily limiting  themselves to a particular niche anymore, but are willing to step outside their comfort zone . 

Just a thought as some of my various work on any platform can be popular and nothing whatsoever to do with my “niche”

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Love this article @JanaOMedia !!!!

Tereza Toledo - Pinterest Expert
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New member

Love the journaling/brainstorming questions. Very helpful!

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