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Hi PBC, Happy Tuesday! 

We’re back with the latest Tuesday Tips and today we’re spotlighting our latest blog post from our Business site: Recession-proof your marketing strategy. Check out the post to learn how to get the most out of your marketing efforts. Click below to read the full blog post and be sure to check out our business site for more resources! 

➡️ Recession-proof your marketing strategy ⬅️

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This is a great article and much needed! Thanks! @PinterestJoan 

Tereza Toledo
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This was a great article I am SUBSCRIBING and I will refer it out to people who have questions re Pinterest Ads.

I have used Pinterest Ads for a long time and the value I get is really amazing - clearly, I have a smaller budget but I get the PINTEREST VALUE with them.

Thanks for confirming .... what I kind of already knew but love the stats on this.

Lisa 🙏

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