Tuesday Tips 📌 New Idea Pin Templates Now Available on Adobe Spark, Canva, Clipchamp, and Picsart

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Hey Creators! We're back at it with Tuesday Tips 📌 and today, we're sharing that our partners at Adobe Spark, Canva, @clipchamp, and @picsart are making it easier for you to create Idea Pins fast and easy using Idea Pin templates.

Creative Tool Partners are one-stop shops to create beautiful content for Pinterest. Leverage these partners’ online editing and graphic design tools to edit pre-existing Idea Pins templates or build from scratch and push directly to your Pinterest account.

Quick Creation: Our partners have pre-built Pinterest templates designed in accordance with our Creative Best Practices.

Fast Activation: Users can push their final Pin designs from the Creative Tool platform directly to their Pinterest account.

Accessible: All Creative Tools platforms are free to access with premium upgrade options.

Trusted: Pinterest Partner Badge is awarded to partners after thorough vetting of their business, design capabilities, and opportunity for Pinterest.

Check out the templates and videos below to get started!


Adobe Spark




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Idea Pins Templates https://www.canva.com/templates/?query=pinterest-idea-pins



Anna Bennett
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Thanks for sharing @PinterestJazmin 

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So excited about this! Comment here if you have any questions about how to use the templates or if you have any special requests for new ones. We're always creating new templates and are open to feedback and new ideas. 

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We love to see it, @picsart! You heard it here first, creators! 😉

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yay love the canva templates. Is there a thought to have idea pin publication as an option from canva in the future?

Anna @mycancerchic
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I am soooo geeked about this! The best part is that I can add music in Canva which I can't currently do in the Pinterest app. Awesome!!

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