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Tuesday Tips 📌 Creation Inspiration Tool

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Creators 👋. Happy Tuesday! 

We’re back with this week’s Tuesday Tips and today we’re spotlighting the Creation Inspiration tool. Have you ever experienced a creative block? If so, the Creation Inspiration tool can help! With this tool, the Creation Inspiration gathers trending interests for you to gain inspiration for your next content idea. Check out the tutorial below from one of our Creators to learn more about the Creation Inspiration tool!

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I've seen the inspiration tab on the creator hub but I wasn't sure how to use it! Thanks so much for the heads up... I'll definitely use it as a boost when looking to create a new idea pin. Maybe it will help it to resonate with trending topics!

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This tool definitely helps when you feel like you can’t think of anything to create. I give it a 10/10

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Wow! Great to know this is available! 

Donna H Allen
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Oh WOW!!! This is incredible and I feel so silly for having not pressed that icon yet 😂😂 I guess today will now be dedicated to a Pinterest reset and update for myself. Thank you so much 

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