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Well here goes nothing. 1 follower and a million ideas. Ready to create. 

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Pinterest Pioneer

@garciagal1 - I could NOT love this any more! 🙂 ❤️ What topics / niches / areas will you be pinning about? (Which of those 1 million ideas? 😉 

The PBC (this place you've landed!) will be a treasure trove of great information and ideas for you as a Creator. 

This is a list of some resources to review to get up to speed on the community. If you take some time to read them, you'll be best situated to navigate and get the most out of your time here! 

  • Getting Started - Code of Conduct and details on how to build your community profile and respond to a topic/thread. 
  • Looking for Support? Check out our conversation sections to ask questions and get help from the community! (Creator Conversations)
  • Articles section for relevant resources including knowledge base articles and product information

Also, this is my personal favorite creator resource... I read and re-read whenever I'm thinking about growth on the platform - both follower growth and discoverability. It's so helpful: 

Enjoy! And welcome again! 

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