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Shopify Product Catalog Not Pulling Prices in Shop Tab

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Hello Pinterest Business Community. In my Pinterest account shop tab my prices are not pulling from my Shopify catalog. How can this be fixed? I am hoping the resolution of this issue will resolve two other issues I am experiencing with my business account...

  1. I cannot tag my products in Idea Pins (using search or the product URL)
  2. I have been "in-progress" for becoming a verified merchant for almost 5 months now.

Every time I reach out to contact support, I am told wait 4-6 weeks. When I reach out again, they said they are running behind (for almost 4 months.) This seems a bit long so maybe there is a bigger issue with my account? My account is @fclash 

 @PinterestGabby  @PinterestJazmin @simplepinmedia @PinterestRenato  

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