Shop tab shows no products, but catalog shows all products

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Having trouble figuring out why the shop tab doesn’t show any products. 

Already a VMP 

Shipping & return policy clearly noted on website

On the Catalogs page it shows 364 products, but there are now products on the shop tab when viewing the profile. Also when I view the profile on desktop, it doesn’t show the shop tab at all. 

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Hello and welcome! 

Would you mind sharing a link to your profile? 

I have heard of accounts with no shop tab at all despite having VMP status, but not and empty tab. 

Here's a suggestion from a moderator about how to fix THAT problem (worth a try): 

"Check if you are meeting following requirements in order for your Shop tab to be visible: 

  • Star one auto-generated product group (All Products, Top Sellers, Back in Stock, Best Deals, New Arrivals, Most Popular)
  • Star a manually created product group (for example: client created a product group that has all their Jeans products in one PG named 'Jeans' PG)
  • Example: ‘All Products’ PG (auto-generated) and ‘Jeans’ PG (manually created) will enable the Shop Tab"

You can create/edit/feature products groups by navigating to Ads > Catalogs > Products Clicking the star allows you to feature up to 8 product groups on the Shop Tab.

I would start with that if you haven't already. Hope it helps, but if not, come back and let us know 🙂

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