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Pins Getting Deindexed | No Reply From Pinterest Support Since 5 Months

New member

I am an active and dedicated user of Pinterest for the last 4 years. Everything was going fine but suddenly in the last 5 months, there is a massive drop in impressions. I am doing new pins on a regular basis but all of my pins are getting de-indexed on Pinterest. I cannot handle this situation any longer and am completely frustrated.

I have contacted Pinterest several times regarding the same issue but always get the same robotic reply from Pinterest. I am trying my best to follow the guidelines of Pinterest but this drastic drop in the impression is making me completely insane. I am not at all satisfied with the same reply coming from Pinterest every time.

Anyone facing the same issue please suggest me what else can I do to make my pinterest  grow once again and bring it in the same place as it was earlier.

Brandy Wishart
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