Lower saves this month?

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Hi! Has anyone else noticed a significant less amount of saves on idea pins this month? 

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Hello @wellnstrong 

1) I see you are a part of the Creator Residency Program. Have you reached out to your contacts there? I also recommend you join here: https://community.pinterest.biz/t5/us-creator-residency-hub/cmp-p/grouphub:creator-residency-hub

2) Just a friendly reminder that Pinners plan ahead...think 3-4 months before the general population. Are you sharing content that they are looking for today? Make sure to check this every month to give you ideas on what people are looking for: https://creatormonthlytrends.splashthat.com/

3) Remember that you received plenty of eyeballs on your account whenever your partnered with Pinterest in the Creator Residency Program. When that stops you can expect less traffic to your Pinterest account. Less eyeballs = less saves.

4) I'm sure you are aware of the best practices for Idea Pins so continue to work on those. I noticed your first slide should be a video versus a static image. Little things do matter. 

Please 'accept as solution' if this answers your question. 


Anna Bennett
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I have 3,6 Million followers but my story pins hardly get 1k impressions in 24 hours. But early 2021 my pins were getting 100k plus impressions within 24 hours. Can you please look into this. Contacted Pinterest support but got nothing except those copy paste responses,

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My saves and views are tanking too. You're not alone. I just keep trying to reflect, review my analytics and audience and keep creating. Maybe they will gain more traction later. 

Anna @mycancerchic
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