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How to support and be supported by other creators on Pinterest

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Part of building a Pinterest audience and an engaged following involves having other Pinterest users following and engaging with our content. Pinterest users come to the platform to search for inspiring ideas and when they find those ideas, they naturally follow the creator and save the pins they love.

When we, as creators, create pins that help Pinterest users visualize and build a better life, we are taking the right steps to attract followers. This process may take longer than we wish. There are a few things we can do, and a few things we should not do when building our Pinterest audience.

Things you can do to build your Pinterest audience:

  1. Create inspiring engaging pins. Showcase your best ideas, share your tips, teach Pinterest users something new. Create content that sparks joy in your audience. Make sure to create pins consistently (at least weekly), and not just here and there. Also focus on what your audience likes the most or what they are looking for. You can lean into Pinterest trends as well.
  2. Ask them to follow you. It’s a great idea to add a little reminder to your pins in the form of  text overlay, asking them to follow in your video or even in the pin notes or description. This is what we call a “call-to-action” or CTA in marketing. A simple “follow for more” can go a long way.
  3. Share your account and pins with people outside of Pinterest. Invite family, friends and your audience from other platforms and even your email list. They may already be on Pinterest but not know that you are on the platform showcasing your best ideas. Ask them to check your pins and follow you if they are interested in more of your content. Having engaged followers that are interested in your Pinterest content is a powerful way to build your account

Things you should NOT do when trying to build your Pinterest audience (these will hurt your account more than help it grow):

  1. Don’t engage in activities that violate Pinterest community guidelines and policies. It’s a great idea to read these guidelines so you can understand what is ok and what isn’t ok.
  2. Don’t engage in follow-for-follow or save-for-save groups. This can flag your account for violating the community guidelines, which may lead to an account suspension or even deactivation. This also is not the best practice to gain an engaged audience, since most accounts that will follow you and save your pins in this scenario, probably are not interested in your content and will never engage with your pins again.
  3. Don’t use content that wasn’t created by you. Save pins from other creators that you are interested in, but don’t believe false claims that you should utilize content that you don’t have express permission to use as yours. Uploading images and videos that you don’t have the rights to use is a copyright infringement and will not help your account grow in a healthy manner.
  4. Do not spam-comment or message other creators to try to get them to look at your pins or follow you.
  5. Do not utilize any automated system that isn’t expressly approved by Pinterest with the goals of tampering with the algorithm or pin distribution.

Things you should do to support each other:

  1. Follow and engage with creators that you truly like. Save their pins as they show up on your feed. Comment, drop a reaction. But do this because you are truly interested in what they are creating, not just to have a follow back.
  2. Make a habit of checking your favorite creators profiles and engaging with their content. True engagement is the best tool to help an account to grow.

Here are a few articles that can help you grow your Pinterest account:

Pioneer @michaelbliss  wrote this article on how to gain followers: 

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Pioneer @bodymindmood  wrote this article on how to grow a Pinterest account:

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Pioneer @JanaOMedia talks about how to get people to save more of your pins here:

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Try the ideas shared here (the ones you should do) and let me know how they go!

I hope this helps.  

Tereza Toledo - Pinterest Expert
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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thanks for the tag @terezatoledo! You're absolutely right, it's all about creating inspiring, engaging pins!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Fantastic post, @terezatoledo! Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully break this down. I know this post will be a great resource for members here in the PBC. ❤️ 

Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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Pinterest Pioneer

Thanks @michaelbliss and @JanaOMedia !

Tereza Toledo - Pinterest Expert
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