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How do I engage my followers

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Pinterest community - I want to engage my followers and get more followers how do I recommend my Pinterest account to others. Maybe by commenting or like others post? Or can Pinterest recommend people my Pinterest account.

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi, @mayafib77! I love your question. Your thought process is right on. You'll want to grow your followers naturally with people who are interested in your content. And thinking about how Pinterest 'recommends your account to others' is smart, because it is a search and discovery platform, so thinking about it this way (sometimes we call this 'discoverability' of your account and pins!) will really help you succeed. 

I'm going to drop a few links for you to read. This can be the start of your research on this topic! 

Pinterest Pioneer @michaelbliss wrote this excellent article about gaining followers: 

This article from Pinterest is one I read and re-read whenever I'm thinking about growth on the platform - both follower growth and discoverability. It's so helpful: 

I also wrote this post here in the forum about growth:


I hope you enjoy these! 



Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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Thank you so much. 

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Thank you JanaOMedia

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Hello again @mayafib77 

1. First, how is engagement defined on Pinterest?

The total number of engagements on your Pins. This includes saves, Pin clicks, outbound clicks, carousel card swipes, secondary creative (collections) clicks and Idea Pin forward/backward swipes. 

2. So if you want Pinners to save and click on your content that means you need to produce the right content at the right time that your target audience wants to gobble up. 

One of the ways to do is by using the Pinterest trends tool

Get more content ideas by checking out the weekly trends from @PinterestJoan

3. Commenting

Comment on posts that matters to you and with the audience that you want to attract. Have a plan. Don't just mindless comment to get followers. 

4. Liking

There is no benefit to liking. Most people do it to get attention in hopes to get more followers but if you really want to hook someone in you're better off commenting on their post but that is obviously more time consuming.

5. How does Pinterest recommend accounts

Pinterest uses that engagement information to determine what content is most relevant to share with people. 

There's no set engagement window for Pins, so it's possible that a Pin can gain engagement hours, days, months, or even years after it's first published. Engagement of your Pins can be impacted by language, location, seasons, holidays, formats and trending topics. You might see a brand new Pin have success right away, or older, previously published Pins suddenly increase in engagement.

Pinterest typically recommends accounts that are high performing. You're still quite new on Pinterest so this will require time and patience.

I hope that helps.

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Thanks and have a great day! 

Anna Bennett
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