Good CTR, but only a drop of outgoing clicks for high costs?

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Hi @all

I'm trying to get foot into Pinterest Ads (or even generally) since 1 month now for sunglasses without any success.

I've tried several pin-creations, but got stuck on this problems: 

1.) the Pinterest algorithm is optimizing for CTR and CPC, but I as an onlineshop owner need potential organic OUTGOING traffic to my website, instead of some nice clicks or saves!

2.) I got optimization tips for pausing pins that are never pushed by the algorithm, EVEN when they got better performances in CTR, CPC and outgoing traffic, than all pushed pins! Haha, what a bad joke!!

3.) I got counted conversions - so called "calculated metrics" (for checkouts), but NEVER really got one - but the algorithm seems to "optimize" for this fake conversions!?

First - What the hell is the algorithm looking and optimizing for and what are this for bad jokes it is doing to me?? -,-'

Second - What is so disturbing with my ad-sets, that only a drop of people click forward to my shop, and NONE of them bought anything - for 400€ of ads now!! -,-'

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Hello @lebensfreudenkaufen 

It's difficult to give you a a perfect answer unless I know exactly what you have done from day. 

I highly recommend that you reach out for a free consultation and fill out this form


Anna Bennett
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