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From mid December, my impressions have dropped by 95%

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Hello everyone,

I am facing struggles that maybe many creators can relate to. 

My account (36k followers) had been performing well for years (except for one time when I got wrongfully caught in the spam filter, which took more than one week to fix). That is, until middle December. I noticed that despite no change in strategy, one day, my traffic dropped from ~550k/ impression a day to 350k. No biggie, I thought. Well, it never went up again and stagnated at 300-350k.

I was still hoping that it might fix itself but it never did. At this point, I was frustrated but hopeful that if I continue to work hard everything will work out in the long term. No. Not even 2 months have passed and I was at 150k/day which was already really low and I tried pushing Pinterest Idea Pins to make up for the lost traffic. I messaged the support but I got a canned response and I think no one even looked at my account. Fast forwards to now, only a few days ago I noticed that my impressions dropped by half and never went up again. The natural curve is maybe 100k +- and going up and down, which is not the case. Once the impressions dropped to less than 60k impressions/day, it never went back where it was and stagnates there. This was the breaking point for me and I tried messaging the support & also checked some stats.

I realized that ALL Pins that are not linking to my claimed website (not claimed anymore because I tried to disconnect it and reconnect yesterday, which by the way didn't work, my website has not been claimed despite inserting the tag to the <head>) were performing just fine while the ones heading to my site dropped by 95%!!! Now note that this is more than 20 000 Pins that were performing perfectly fine for months with content that is not seasonal.

I was trying to be rational but when I tried reverse searching around 100 Pins with exact keywords & titles, nothing shows up in "All Pins". Meaning, I have been deindexed for sure despite not engaging in any spammy behavior ever. The worst thing: the support does not really talk to me. They send me the same response always which greatly frustrates me. It's a "bot-message" about ebbs and flows. I highly doubt that anyone has looked at my account because I am convinced that I have been either caught in a spam filter/ deindexed with all Pins related to my domain. My domain Pins, which were ~3 months ago generating half a million impressions/day now generate less than 20 000< impressions/day. 

Honestly, I am done. I don't even know what to do. This is not a strategy thing, I am 100% deindexed or in a spam block filter (wrongfully) while no one acknowledges it/talks to me. I am thinking I might give up completely at this point despite spending so much time on this Platform while trying to create quality stuff. It feels like everything was in vain. 

Sorry for the rant...

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March 12 for me as well. Since then almost no impressions at all. 

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I am just fed up complaining about the same issue since January 2022. Even after posting genuine pins regularly we people are suffering because of some people posting spam pins.

It is horrible that even after facing such a big issue you cannot talk to anyone other than robots on Pinterest. 

I am really frustrated with the fact that all of my hard work and dedication towards Pinterest has no value. I want the Pinterest team to go through our problems and fix them as soon as possible. 

If we don't get a proper answer and solutions to our problem then, why should people work with such a huge online platform like Pinterest?

Pinterest should understand that when they are working with real human beings then, they should keep real human beings as their associates to resolve issues and not robots. 

Brandy Wishart
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