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Favorite Pinterest Features & How I Use Them

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In the spirt of not complaining (too much) this week about the quirks of Pinterest while our cities suffer, I'm going to list three things I like about Pinterest and then what I do on Pinterest.

1. Sorting: I'll admit it I am a picker upper around the house. I love the idea of pins having logical homes (boards) and deciding what those homes are.

2. One Click: With one click someone can touch one of my pins and be whisked away to my website. Of all the platforms, Pinterest seems to be the one that has the quickest way to go from liking something to the opportunity to buy it.

3. Diversity: When uniformity is idolized, diversity is paralyzed. Pinterest is all sorts of people doing all sorts of creative things. It's hard to beat that.

About Me: I write dystopian apocalyptic fantasy novels. I pin my original poetry, lyrics, flash fiction, quotes, stories, movies, and drawings. I also pay homage with original pins to authors in the same genre. I call this excellence by association. If you like Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games or Harry Potter, you'll devour The Burnt Sunset. 


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Loves to help

Thank you for your thorough and interesting post. I wish you continued success on Pinterest.

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Loves to help

Thank you for your thorough and interesting post. I wish you continued success on Pinterest.

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

So sad that my Story Pins are not getting much impressions they used to get. 

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Great topic! Here is my list!

1. They suggest more things I may like based on what I have pinned and take me down a rabbit hole of pictures I like and suddenly it’s 500 pins later and it’s time to go to bed.

2. It’s a great way to save various ideas. From planning what's for dinner or an outfit or your wedding! It’s the inspiration board that you can actually link to a tutorial or to buy a product. Can’t do that on a cork board!

3. No one tries to fight you.

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

I LOVE this! 

1. It's an introvert's platform. While all the other platforms require so much of our personal selves this one allows us to just share our expertise. 

2. Direct links to our websites... for obvious reasons 🙂 

3. No politics!


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Love that this thread got some traction again!! This topic makes me very happy, for obvious reasons. 😉 +1000 on the politics/fighting piece, that's one of the reasons I've always naturally gravitated toward Pinterest. 

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