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Easy to Create Collage Pins!

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer
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Hi Creators!

I'm Tori, one of the Pinterest Pioneers in the group and I wanted to encourage you to use one of Pinterest's built in tools!

I've shared about tips for creating Pins before (read: Designing Pins: Text Overlays Do's & Don'ts ) but I know a lot of creators with little design experience can feel overwhelmed with the idea of designing multiple images to test on Pinterest.

The good news is Pinterest makes it easy to test out creating collage Pins right in the platform itself. If using a design tool isn't your thing, Pinterest has you covered! 

All you have to do is upload multiple images and Pinterest will add them, giving you the option to create a carousel OR a collage. Give it a try! 

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 2.06.24 PM.png

  • Click "Create Pin"
  • Select multiple photos (I suggest at least 3)
  • Select "Create a Collage"
  • Select your Board to Pin to
  • Add your Title and Description
  • Click Publish! 

This is great to test if you are pointing people to a place on your blog or website that has multiple images around the same topic. 



Tori Tait
Content Director & Pinterest Consultant

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Many of the users don't about this awesome feature yet. Your tip will help them for sure. 

Mahfujur Rahaman Bulbul
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Are you using the app on your phone? Or does this have to be done on a desktop? I don't have the option to select more than one photo on my phone. 

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Thank you for this tip!! I will try this out 😊

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Nice idea. I’ll definitely try this. Thanks

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Jen Vazquez. | Pinterest Manager, Strategist and Educator
Jen Vazquez Media |
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Loves to help

I didn't know this was a thing! So thank you for sharing. Will be checking this out and putting it to use. 

Kathleen Aharonian - Embodiment Coach
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Posts regularly

I prefer carrousel.

Veronika Lipar
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New member

Will use, thanks

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