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Hey Creators! 

We’ve seen some questions on Creator Rewards within the Creator chat so we wanted to take a moment to address them and share some more details about this Beta feature. 

We know many of you are eager to participate and have questions about how to access Creator Rewards. At this time, Creator Rewards is in Beta testing to select early access users in the US only. Our team is working hard behind the scenes to scale the program for Creators in other markets (more to come!) and are collecting all of your feedback to bring you the best experience possible. 

We’re on this journey together and recognize that the anticipation and time it takes to get to the final product can cause some frustration. We appreciate your patience and value your feedback, and are actively sharing your insights internally with the teams working on this feature. We will continue to share updates here as soon as they are available! In the meantime, please check out this Help Center article, which addresses criteria to submit, the application process as well as how to set up your account for payment. For any account-specific questions as it relates to Creator Rewards, we encourage you to get in touch with our support team via this form. We’re working hard to handle inquiries as quickly as possible. 

Thank you for being an important part of the community and sharing your feedback to help improve the product experience. We appreciate you! 💜


The Pinterest Creator Team

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Hey @terezatoledo if you can go into your messages and find any message from Creator Rewards, you can click on the message itself and access the hub until everything gets back to normal. 


That’s literally how we have been submitting pins  for the past few weeks.

Hope this helps!


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Pinterest Pioneer

The expanded guidance on bank account linking is such a good addition here. Thanks! 

Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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Thank you for sharing this!

Carla @ carlamell
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@PinterestGabby I have version 10.11 installed on my iPhone, but I don't have the "Creator Hub" that you're talking about. How might I get this? 

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Pinterest Pioneer

Thanks @PinterestGabby !
I've been dealing with an error and have been chatting with support for a week now. When I tap to add set up the payment information, the app doesn't send me to the third party url. It says that the URL cannot be generated.

The app and IOS are updated and I've tested on different devices. I've tried logging in, out, deleting the app, reinstalling, soft reset and nothing changed.

I'm wondering if others have seen this issue.


Tereza Toledo - Pinterest Expert
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Thank you for addressing these questions a lot of us are having.

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@PinterestGabby Just bumping to see if you can help me with this. Thanks! 

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Hey @PinterestGabby,

One piece of feedback to share with the team. Can there please be a notification in app on the challenge if an idea pin has been rejected? It's hard to know if they are still pending or have been rejected currently.

Also, any update on the ones from March that disappeared from pending but with no update?


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Hi @PinterestGabby, is it possible to have the Earn Tab if you are a Verified Merchant? I have a client who sells products and has a blog, so she creates Idea Pins and tags her products from time to time. I know it's in beta, but I would like to know if, in the future, she might be able to get it.  Thanks! 

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Hi, I seem to meet all the requirements for rewards but still don’t see the Earn button. Am I understanding correctly that even if requirements are met, you’re only hand picking people at this point?

Also, anyone know why my videos are appearing blurry after posting?

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