You're Eligible! But does that mean anything?

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I, like many others want to become part of the Creators Program so we can get paid for the content we're producing on Pinterest.  Last month I had over 4 million views. 

I have had this "You're Eligible" for branded content text in the app for months, but there is nothing else, including a EARN tab or anyway to actually earn money. 

I know the Creators Program is a rolling program (I did search before posting), but I'm just confused because does "You're Eligible" just mean, ok in theory maybe one day, but you can't make money right now.  Or am I completely missing something?

How often is the Creators Program updated with new contributors?


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @bkfarmgirl , welcome to the PBC!
Yes, the eligibility for Paid partnerships is different from the eligibility for the Creator Rewards Program. The Creator Rewards Program is still in beta and Pinterest hasn't released a specific schedule for when it opens for new creators.
Pioneer @JanaOMedia write this brilliant article talking about how to secure paid partnerships that will give you more clarity about it:

I hope it helps!

Tereza Toledo - Pinterest Expert
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