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Why should we create Idea Pins?

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I just want to know with Pinterest pushing Idea Pins, why should creators use them?

I have people messaging me daily asking how to find more information about recipes that I've made idea pins for.

It's impossible to put all the information in an idea pin, and even if we do, what benefit do we gain?

I feel like this change is terrible for both creators and users and that it is ruining the platform. I'm sure Pinterest is seeing a great improvement in ad revenue but over the long term, creators are just going to leave as well as users who become frustrated that they can't find the content they're looking for.

Just wondering what others think?

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Hi @ketodietyum 

It certainly is annoying, That's for sure. 

I don't know if you saw the recent thread here about a new response from pinterest when challenged on the issue. 

I think their end game is to keep users on the platform by all means. And with their new strategy, that means little to zero traffic for us bloggers, and a terrible user experience for the people who want to find their things the normal way. 

I've just about tossed in the towel myself, but I'm hoping some smarter and more resilient bloggers will find a way around this whole idea pin issue. 

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@ketodietyum Well as long as there is no link option then there really is no good reason to make any 🙂

I refuse to create them 🙂 

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It is okay for Pinterest to have idea pins or video or any other new pins they want to come up with. But my request to Pinterest team is to have a separate tab for all those pins and leave the home feed to show pins from people I follow. 

On Instagram, facebook, youtube on you see videos or posts from people u follow and then there is a separate tab for reels or shorts where u discover new accounts but on Pinterest there is just one home feed where u just see IDEA pins from random people whom you don't even follow. What about standard pins or pins from people you follow, where do you see those pins??? 

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I think all creators should come together and make an image about the problems they have with Pinterest and upload it to IDEA PINS, maybe then Pinterest will take some interest. 

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