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What’s Your Most Saved Pin? [ Share Success Tips! ]

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Hey PBC! 

Many have asked about how to get more saves.  

After all, the number of saves is one of the key metrics to track when growing a Pinterest account, making money and partnering with brands.

What is your most saved pin? What made it so successful? 

I’ll go first! My most saved pin is titled “What to Do for Mental Health If You Can’t Afford Therapy”.

Within a month, it had over 2K saves. I believe it was saved so many times because I share a vulnerable experience with my audience, then provide tried and true tips that work for me time and time again.

In addition, the pin color is bright and catchy. The design is very simple, not “busy”.

Here is the pin:

Would love to see which pin got you the most saves and learn what helped make it successful!

All the best,


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Looking at my analytics over the past 30 days, I noticed that lifestyle videos with titled covers tend to do significantly better than any of my infographics and quote pins.

The impressions were at least 3X higher so the saves were naturally higher too👍

This month my highest saved pin is "Podcasts to Improve Mental Health" >> :



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Oh gosh. If I answer honestly, I'll be embarrassed! 🙂 The most saves I've had on a pin is from one of my VERY FIRST EVER IDEA PINS from a couple of years ago. I designed it in Canva before I really found my Idea pin style. 🙂 But I'll share it... 

Don't judge me! LOL 

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Just visiting

The most saved Idea Pin is actually of me doing Pull-ups. A lot people enjoyed watching me as I worked on my fitness journey. 

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@JanaOMedia I love the soft colors! I can see why it was so popular as the info is so helpful and timeless 😊 Sometimes my ugliest pins do well for some reason…even with typos and all! Stupid algorithms, they never seem to give that extra lift on my best pins🤣

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Loves to help

@FunGiftIdea Love this post and great content from you. Thank you for posting this so many people need a reminder on how what they create can really change people’s lives for the better. My most saved pin is my quote pin (MOST WILL QUIT BUT NOT ME) with over 2k saves and 1.5 million impressions. I think this pin is doing great (still getting saves)because of the bold statement behind it and the self motivation that we all should carry with us daily.

 Here is mines: 


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Love it @professorwhite ! Do you have a link to it so I can pin it to my Health & Wellness Group Board? Or maybe I already pinned it😊

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@aloniebeauty thanks for the kind words and support!

Wow, very impressive stats. That’s a very motivational quote, I can see why it has gone viral! Just pinned it to my Quote board😊

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I have a couple of them and they are all in the gym....arghhhh

I orgininally pinned this pin to another account I had and then I created a new account with all the changes on Pinterest my old account began having is the pin.

Upper Body Workout

Timing - I posted this from South America the first day after the holidays just before I went to the gym - got to the gym did my workout and before I left the gym I had to turn my phone down because it wouldn't stop pinging - by adding this pin to my current profile I lost some of the momentum but it did okay considering I actually got to 500k likes + no idea how many saves (old account) it was constant from the day I posted to January 6th |21


Even on my current account it has done well I reposted my work when I closed the other.

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My most saved Pin is from 2012 which has been saved over 300,000 times. I have iterated on it over the years so that it stays moving through the Pinterest ecosphere. It is also my biggest traffic driver. I added an opt in a few years back to the blog post and have captured 4,000 emails from Pinterest visits! 

My thoughts as to why it continues to perform so well:

  • It shows someone how to do something. it's helpful on it's own (so people save it for later) but also just vague enough that people who are really interested in the tutorial need to click to get all the exact details. 
  • The post performs really well in organic search so there is always people coming to the post and then saving the Pin themselves


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@bodymindmoodI’m just impressed you could lift with a mask on the entire time! That’s so interesting about timing. Also, your pin provides great visual and timeless motivation so I’m not surprised it has done so well! I saved it to me Health & Wellness board👍

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