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What is the purpose of following someone on Pinterest?

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It’s been over a year and I’m still not over the removal of the following tab. Why do we have the ability to follow creators if we can’t see their pins? Was anyone ever offered an explanation? 

pinterest if you’re reading this I’d sell my soul to have the following tab back. 

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@chelseajlawhead - I agree! I'd love to see the follower tab - or a follower feed - back on mobile! 

That being said, when people follow us, they are more likely to see our Pins in their feeds. It is *one* of the signals Pinterest looks at when serving pins to users (though I do think that it's not AS BIG a factor as it is on social media). 

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@chelseajlawhead fully agree!

Building over 20,000 engaged followers have been pointless since Pinterest made algorithm changes. The people who used to see all my posts have a better chance of seeing them on Instagram now.

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