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Video pins have no image

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I have 3 video pins and when I first uploaded them, when they were on a board, they would start to play in the pin cover. Now two of my three videos are just a black screen and don't play. My one still does. I've ready here that if the first frame of the video is black it will show that, but the video that still works right plays past that first frame and plays like a video. How can I fix my other two video pins? Do I need to remove those and recreate them?

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Hi @mustgoodors, welcome to the PBC!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sharing your experience on the community.

What you'll want to do is file a ticket with our support team at this link. They will be able to diagnose and figure out the best way to solve this issue.

Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime, thank you!

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