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Hi PBC, Happy Tuesday! 

We’re back with the latest Tuesday Tips and today we’re spotlighting some tips & tricks from our Pinterest Pioneers! Our Pioneers are creators and business owners who help share their product knowledge and best practices in the community. Be sure to read their tips below to learn some content best practices!

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Content Best Practices from @heatherfarrisco 📌

  • Don't forget to add context to your Pins via text overlays and great Pin titles. Pinners on the platform are actively searching for ideas, products and inspiration via the search bar so the more context you can provide in the form of text overlays and pin titles the more likely your content is to show up in that search feed.
    • For example, instead of posting a photo of your taco meal, use a text overlay for "Easy Family Taco Night".
  • Remember context helps Pinners to stop their scroll and take action on your Pins.


Using the Trends Tool to Plan Content from @isabelledias 📌

  • For my Tuesday Tip, I would like to spotlight a match made in Pinterest-haven: Trends Tool + content planning!
  • One of the best ways to create content that will resonate with your audience and get new eyes on your page is to make the Pinterest Trends page your first step in the planning process.
  • Over there, you will be able to learn about the growing global trends for your audience. This will help you not only get ahead of the curve but also learn about new things your audience is looking for!
  • Have you ever used the Trends Tool to plan Content? Let us know in the comments.  


Product Pin Best Practices from @andrealidesigns 📌

  • The best tip for Product Pins is a willingness to experiment with different formats like video. Test various lifestyle shorts, and product photography treatments to see what performs best. Here’s my Viral Pin Checklist:
    • Make it positive!
    • Make it visually appealing
    • Make your text readable
    • Make it useful or entertaining
    • Tap into emotional appeal
    • Inspire with a compelling call to action!
  • Following a general formula like the one below will help to get you more consistent results for your blog posts and opt-in landing pages:
    • Flavor text
    • Buzzword
    • Focal Point
    • Keywords
    • Relevant photo/seasonal relevance

For more best practices from our Pioneers, visit the Pinterest Pioneers blog to find tips & tricks around commonly asked questions in the community. If you’re interested in becoming a Pioneer, submit your application HERE to be considered for our next cohort!

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Great roundup! Thank you for putting this together @PinterestJoan

Wonderful tips @heatherfarrisco and @isabelledias 🙌


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Loves to help

Love love this roundup and all the tips! Love learning with you guys @andrealidesigns @heatherfarrisco💓

Isabelle Dias
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Great tips @isabelledias @andrealidesigns @heatherfarrisco 🙌🏻

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Thanks for sharing these best practices! Very insightful😁 @isabelledias @andrealidesigns @heatherfarrisco 

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@smicee3 , we’re playing “tag” in order to hear from more members! Feel free to jump in and share your thoughts about these amazing tips!

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