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Traffic Issue From Pinterest From Last 1 month

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I am a blogger and I am using Pinterest for gaining traffic but from last 2 month traffic is going down, I had faced issue in blogging please help me about it. I am a blogger and i am sending you mine website link and tell why Pinterest's traffic is going down day by day? it's mine site tell me about it ?

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Hi @boxingplantt and welcome to the PBC!

I'm sorry for the trouble you're experiencing with the Analytics on your account.

If you continue to experience the same issue, I recommend that you file a ticket with our support team, in order to better investigate the issue you're facing.

I wish there was more I could do here, but this is an account-specific feature and the team you'll handle your ticket is better suited to assist you with your issue.

You should receive a reply from them soon. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meanwhile.

Keep us posted, we're here to help!

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