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Tips of the Month 📌 Content Creation Tips

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Creators!

We’re excited to share our Tips of the Month! Every month we’ll be highlighting tips & tricks that can help you find success on Pinterest. Today we’re featuring some tips from one of our community members, @stretchandfolds.

📌 Tips: 

“The biggest advice I would give to people who aren’t starting their Pinterest journey as someone who knows how to use Pinterest is: think about the idea you are trying to present. I find that people often don’t know exactly what they are looking for when they go on Pinterest. So try to spark an idea with a picture. Someone searching for sourdough bread Pins does not necessarily know they would like to make it on the same day. So present them that idea (example: same day sourdough bread) and present it well so that they consider it and click on your Pin!”

Check out the Pin below for an example. Thank you @stretchandfolds for sharing your tips & tricks with the community!

If you have a tip or idea you’d like to share, be sure to submit it using the form below. If your submission is selected, you’ll get a chance to be featured in our monthly community newsletter! 

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Let us know what you think of these tips in the comments 🙂.

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Just visiting

Thank you for helping out those of us who are new to this whole process!❤️

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Great tip! 

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New member

As a new creator this was very helpful thank you so much xx

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