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Search Bar & Suggested Terms Gone?

Loves to help

Maybe @PinterestGabby and @PinterestJanice  can answer this quickly, but did Pinterest remove the keyword suggestions from the search bar? There used to be those word bubbles that popped up underneath with search suggestions but now I'm not seeing them at all.


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I noticed this also @owlbbaking !

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This is a great question. We noticed that with the Explore and Shop buttons, we were seeing less and less keyword bubbles pop up when searching terms. I too would like to know if keyword bubbles are a thing of the past  now? Or are they just minimized.  One thing we have been doing since running into this issue, is using keywords from the dropdown menu, when typing in a search term or phrase. Hoping to hear from @PinterestGabby  or @PinterestJanice soon!

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Just noticed this was gone too. Would love to know where to find keywords now. Thanks for asking!

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I have been noticing this as well, and it looks like I'm not alone.  I'm using the suggestions from the drop down but I miss the bubbles.  Thanks!

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