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hey! do any of you know why my story pins might be getting less impressions! 🙂

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @livirose25, welcome to the community!I f you have specific questions or concerns about your account and traffic fluctuations, please file a ticket with our support team and they'll be able to assist you. This link routes directly to our team who deals specifically with these types of requests. 

We encourage creators to continue to post original, fresh Pins to see what resonates with their audience on Pinterest. This is true whether you publish content through Pinterest directly or through a third party scheduling tool. What are original, fresh Pins? The following resources are available if you want to ensure you are following Pin best practices.

  • Pinterest Academy: self-paced courses to help you understand how to grow your business on Pinterest 
  • Business blog: read up on the latest with our platform and products
  • Creators site: check out our all-new page dedicated to creators on Pinterest 
  • Pinterest Trends: discover what people are searching for and when

Hope this helps! 

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