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Question about “play another video from” at end of my video

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Question from a newbie here. I have created roughly a dozen video pins. I’ve noticed that several of them are not linking to my other pins. At the end of the video it says “play another pin from” (some random person). Yet my other pins will show my own account and my other video pins. Obviously I prefer that my video does not direct to someone with a different account. Why is this happening?  Is there a way to make sure that “play another video from” does not direct viewers to a different person? If anyone knows how to correct this please let me know. I have searched all over Google and cannot find anything to help me solve this problem.  Please will somebody answer this question. I’m sure that this is a simple fix but I can’t get anyone to answer me and I can’t find any solution online. Does this happen normally? I just counted through and have about 10 of my pins linking to completely different people

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi there. This is a similar feature for static images as well. Newer feature for the videos. From what I understand with the static images, the suggested pins under the "close up" are supposed to be calculated as something similar to what the pinner is searching. Sometimes it would show other content creators' pins and other times it would show your own various pins. I don't know of a way to make it your own pins per se, other than creating content that is within your niche - if that makes sense. Perhaps this is similar to video pins. 

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Welcome to this PBC community @pixietwinplus ! This is such an interesting question... I'm tagging @PinterestGabby & @PinterestJanice to see if they have an answer for you 🙂

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