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Promoting Carousels in Pinterest

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My name is Julianna, I manage the Social Media Channels here at Camille La Vie. 

I was wondering why my account is unable to promote carousels in Pinterest? Unsure if this is an internal error or something that my account is restricted from (or maybe just something I'm missing). 

When I try to publish the advertisement, the loading screen comes on but never comes off. I had the loading screen on for a whole day and the advertisement never fully published. I tried promoting the pin from my profile, however I was not given the option to promote the carousel pin. 

If someone can please advise on how I can overcome this challenge, it would be appreciated. 

Thank you,



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@camillelavie Hi Julianna, and welcome to the Community!

I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with promoting Carousel Pins. 

Can you confirm if you have followed the steps in this Help Center article?

If you are still unable to promote after doing the steps, please let me know!

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