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Profile photos - logo not face of creator? Are you less likely to FOLLOW them?

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Hi, everyone! I'm curious... 

When it comes to small creators / brands / small businesses (not big brands that are household names)...

When you see a Pinterest profile - and it has a LOGO, not a face of a creator - as the profile photo (the small round profile photo)... 

... are you less likely to follow them? 

I tend to believe that people want to follow real people - so logos are not as compelling - and don't encourage the follow. 

But I'd like to challenge my thought and ask you all -- What do you think?  

Comment below please. Thx! 

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It depends on how personal the brand is. If it is a beauty blogger having her own line of makeup - then I think it makes more sense to see her photo instead of the logo. But if there is no face behind the brand, then I think a logo would be a better option. Even so, I don't really feel the urge to follow the real people. I'm more introverted and prefer to follow brands myself. I don't know how people feel when watching my idea pins and my photos, but I feel discomfort when watching others. It's like I was invading their personal space, watching them how they are getting ready. 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

I'm super intrigued to read more responses to this! I use my logo for now because I really want my audience to focus on my work rather than me. However, I may transition away from this practice.

When it comes to me following folks, most of the people I follow use their actual photos unless they are selling goods.

Thank you @veronikalipar for providing your perspective! @JanaOMedia , thanks for posing this question!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

I am mulberrycolors, so I have chosen a small mulberry branch from my tree as my photo. I changed back to a smiling photo of myself but changed back to my mulberry branch. I felt best represented by something from nature. I focus on outdoors & nature photography, & truly felt my followers related better. Also, I love the fact that I have very diverse traffic and visitors from many parts of the world. 

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I always appreciate the uniqueness of a small business's branding, logo included, just as much as I appreciate a portrait photo for a personal brand or a one-person show.

I'm definitely not less likely to follow a small business that shows its logo if it's a very smart design, I'll remember the logo and the colors rather than a face.

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It really depends for me and what the page is about. For example if it's a photography page and not a personal brand. What are they selling? If you're selling clothes I like to see people in it visualize myself etc. With that being said when I'm making a purchase I tend to like to know about the person I'm buying from. What are you about? I like knowing people's stories why you started the brand etc. I also am not someone who buys something just to buy something. I have to vibe with it. 

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