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Product Tagging on Idea Pins

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I was wondering which is the Best Practice to tag products on Idea PIns

Is it ok to use a new link every time I tag the same product (so I can add a tracking code to the URL to track those visits to the website and possible sales?) Or should I use one of the pins that I have already created so I don't share the same URL too frequently? 

I don't know how the links in the tags work and I don't want to be flagged as spam. 

Thank you!

I'm sending this question to Pinterest too but I'm posting it here too just in case someone has an insight. 


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Hi @freshpinscreators ¨too frequently¨ is a rate I don´t know but I think you can add event tags at will. I know with advertising that would be a best practice so guessing organic would be safe. I have multiple pins with different images/videos going to the same landing page. No issues. I hope that helps. 

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Pinterest Pioneer


I'd assume that using the same URL shouldn't be an issue. I like your idea of adding a specific URL to track visits.


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