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Pretty New

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Hey Everyone, I'm Penni and I'm a New Creative to Pintrest Business.

I'm working on becoming a Full Time CONSISTANT Blog/Vlogger, I have 2 Businesses I'm working on. 1 Rebrand Fashion & Lifestyle Brand while the other is based on my cravings for QUALITY Plant Based Eats in BOTH Grocery & Dispensary

(I make BOTH Infused & NON Infused Baked Goods & Eats) without all that extra crap.


I wish to connect with other like minded individuals while also gaining MORE insights of Self & Business.

Please feel free to drop some Gems on me. Business, Fashon, Food. I'm here for it.

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@LyricsAndVibez Hi Penni, and welcome to the Pinterest Business Community! 🌻
For new members, I would recommend checking out our Community Welcome Guide to learn how to get started. If you want to know how to become an engaged community member and learn more about our offerings, check out our How you can get involved article. I’m sure you’ll discover a lot of resources and peer-to-peer support that’ll help you find success on Pinterest!

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