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[ Please add a comment! ] What makes *YOU* hit "follow?"

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Hi, Creators! I notice that soooo many Creators come to this forum and ask others to follow them.

So, let's start a reference thread here. As this thread grows, we can re-visit it. And we can point new members to it - for insights into what makes a Pinterest account "follow-worthy!" 

I ask you to answer this question in the comments

📌 What makes you decide to follow a Creator's Pinterest account? 📌

I'll add the first comment below! 

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Its almost always visual at 1st, wether it's teaching me something or a idea pin of something someone made and it inspires me to create something similar, it's always visual that grabs me first. 

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I like inspiration and motivation in lifestyle content, being a mother I also like anything on parenting and creativity, whenever I see such content I hardly stop myself from going through

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I think what makes a Pinterest account "Follow-Worthy!" depends on the subject matter that individual post.For example; I follow an individual because they have design and compositional pins saved into that catagory. It's always good to get inspired from others within the art world. It also helps save you time for looking for the subject matter to reference if the individual that you follow is passionate about that subject matter as well. 

It also helps if a business wants you to do something out of the box. I occasionally got recommendations on fashion, so i saved and followed those creators that were organized in that subject matter. coincidently I was commissioned into doing some brief fashion designs for work dress code. Now the business wants you to have proper attire for a workspace, but there was one exception. If you looked good and stylish in what you are wearing that was an exception that was allowed. I spoke with individuals within that business (Mostly Women for reference) to get an understanding of what would be considered appropriate and styles for that workplace to their employers. I was able to reference from many Creators to find a good structure for workplace attire. This was good for the business because the franchisees got their employees to dress professionally and at the same time give more freedom to the employees which helped with workflow.

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hola me encanta tus comentarios definitivamente debemos solo incluirnos en informacion de calidad, aunque soy nueva por aqui trato de realizar contenido de calidad para impartir  lo que se y que ayuda a toda la comunidad. 

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Hi I am new to the Business section.

I say Clean, Easy, Educational

Keep well Excited to be here and learn from everyone.

See you on the pinside 


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Hi there!

I'm new and trying to figure this all out!  I'll admit this is all very confusing to me BUT I'm trying.  I need followers!  Please follow me and spread the sunshine!


To answer your question...I follow an account if I like the picture.  For me, it's all about the pictures. House and home interest me.

I'm trying to "find the ropes".

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Loves to help

Welcome! What is your profile address? I'll look to see if any of your boards resonates with me and I'll follow some of those. Please do the same for me. You'll find my profile address in my signature. I had over 100 boards but I've combined many, so it's less now. You can follow some of my boards if you want. You don't have to follow my entire profile (unless you want to) because I don't. Just boards that interest me.

I have lots and lots of boards about crafting, arting, baking,  healthy eating, coffee/tea, decor, watercolor painting, gift wrapping, nature crafts, printables/digitals, POD products and my fav flower to use in crafting, ranunculous. I also have boards about Christian living, missing children, murdered children and a board for homemade mosquito repellents titled Die Mosquito Die! You will probably find something that interests you.😄

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Hello everyone 😊 A very interesting and useful topic. I subscribe to accounts that inspire me to create something new. To accounts where there are beautiful photos related to my activities. To accounts that are beautifully designed.

My pinterest 

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I have to really like most of what I see from that account. This is rare. Even within menswear, I come from a pretty niche set of perspectives that is not commonly reflected on pinterest.

But I have found a few dozen people worth following. Pinterest learned my tastes, more or less, over time. At least in terms of photography style.

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