Pinterest keeps suppressing my account - Over 90% drop in impressions

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Hello PBC, 

There seems to be an ongoing issue that's been plaguing my account for over a year now. After the march 13 glitch in 2022, my pinterest traffic completely flatlined. I raised several tickets, put in more work to create fresh content and whatnot. All to no avail. 

Recently, I've noticed something interesting. Whenever my account starts to slightly improve, pinterest knocks it down. It seems as though they're committed to keeping my account below a certain threshold. The worst part is that support keeps denying it and trying to play it off as ebbs and flows, or seasonality, when clearly, seasonality isn't the issue here. 

My account went from over 300k, to under 30k daily impressions, and whenever it starts to exceed 30k, pinterest knocks it back down by deindexing my pins. 

Please is there anyone here who can help me get in touch with an actual human from the support team? Thanks

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